Givenchy - Spring-Summer 2021 - Paris Fashion Week

Givenchy – Spring/Summer 2021 – Paris Fashion Week


First collection of Matthew M. Williams for Givenchy and the most-anticipated debut of the Paris season.

Shot against a simple white backdrop, the new Givenchy collection readed entirely like a morph between those codes and the black-clad elegance of the house he now inhabits. The 34-year-old American designer, also founder of 1017 Alyx 19SM label and well-know for his roller-coaster buckle and the industrial-tinged cool, has only been at Givenchy for 90 days, but has already delivered a steely new code to the house that Hubert built.

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Suspended between the formal and the super casual, announced sleek, sharp and modern as the house’s new fashion territory. This was reflected in almost monochrome looks, between black – Hubert de Givenchy’s favorite color, white and red.

The precision of the cuts, his ultra-sophisticated approach to materials and a game of transparency were crossed by metallic ornaments and XXL links necklaces while jeans and jeans jackets in unusual colors, crackled surfaces resembling soil in a drought and new lock jewelry inspired by those hung on the bridges of Paris by tourist lovebirds announced ‘’a ‘sampler’ of what is to come’’ which is ‘’a new beginning, yet is intermingled with elements of the archive and is a utilisation of Givenchy’s distinct lineage, pointing to the past, present and future’’.