Gucci Cruise 2025

Gucci Cruise 2025

In a successful return to London, the Gucci Cruise 2025 collection fused English style with Italian flair, showcasing comfortable pieces and a renewed focus on craftsmanship.
May 14, 2024

In a vibrant homecoming, Gucci’s Creative director Sabato de Sarno presented the Gucci Cruise 2025 (Resort 2025) collection at London’s Tate Modern. The show marked Gucci’s first London presentation since 2016, and drew inspiration from both the city’s rich heritage and de Sarno’s own Italian background.

Sabato de Sarno’s vision for the collection was a beautiful tapestry woven with contrasting elements. Tailored jackets and coats in luxurious suede and the brand’s signature double-breasted silhouette were softened with pussy-bow blouses and paired with relaxed-fit denim. This interplay between structure and fluidity captured the essence of “lo stile Inglese,” the Italian term for English style, with a touch of Italian flair.

Reflecting London’s unpredictable weather, the collection included a range of silhouettes. Oversized varsity jackets, reminiscent of Princess Diana’s iconic style, were juxtaposed with delicate plissé dresses in pastel hues. Tailored suits embellished with delicate florals or presented in bold plaids added a touch of whimsy.

Comfort was a key theme, with de Sarno eschewing towering platforms in favor of practical flats adorned with signature Gucci details. This focus on wearable pieces resonated with industry insiders, who praised the collection for its balance of wearability and elevated design.

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Sabato de Sarno’s commitment to craftsmanship was evident throughout the collection. From the intricate beading on the jeans to the luxurious fabrics used in the tailoring, each piece conveyed a sense of quality and attention to detail. This focus on heritage and meticulous construction aligns with Gucci’s recent marketing efforts, which highlight the brand’s dedication to artisanal techniques.

While de Sarno acknowledges the challenges of following in his predecessor’s footsteps, his Cruise 2025 collection marks a promising step forward for Gucci. By embracing the label’s rich history while infusing it with his own creative vision, de Sarno is solidifying Gucci’s position as a leader in innovative and luxurious fashion.

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