Gucci Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Gucci Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

September 23, 2023

Gucci’s rendezvous with the streets of Milan’s Brera district evokes a revitalized spirit. Though rain may have relocated Sabato de Sarno’s debut indoors, the ethos of the collection resonated with an aura of rebirth. The celebration of Gucci’s rich legacy intertwined seamlessly with De Sarno’s fresh perspective, shedding light on what Spring/Summer 2024 holds for the iconic fashion house.

Sabato de Sarno, in an enthralling fusion of past and present, encapsulated the spirit of the swinging ’60s and edgy ’90s in one dynamic line-up. Tailored coats, exuding clean elegance, paired alongside super-short shorts and intriguingly embossed logo jumpers, revealed a medley of daytime sophistication. Tantalizing crystal bra tops danced in harmony with baggy jeans and body-skimming knit sets, paying homage to the house’s versatility.

Celebrities gathered, revealing the magnetic allure of the collection. Names like Kendall Jenner, Ryan Gosling, and the musically gifted Mark Ronson reveled in the splendor of “Ancora,” the aptly named collection. de Sarno’s elucidation of “Ancora,” translating to “again,” paints a picture of a relentless passion – a yearning for more, an unquenchable thirst. This fervor translates into his vision for Gucci – a longing to reignite an unwavering love affair with fashion.

This Spring/Summer 2024 presentation also marked the brand’s pivotal transition. Notably, Gucci’s Instagram went through a metamorphic cleanse, hinting at a novel brand chapter, fortified with Sabato de Sarno’s evocative teaser images.

While we witnessed the miniaturization of the iconic Jackie and bamboo bags and the elevation of the Gucci loafer, the pièce de résistance was the introduction of a new house color. A deep, evocative Rosso Ancora red adorned Jackie bags, leather car coats, and that lust-worthy embossed pencil skirt. This particular hue drew inspiration from The Savoy hotel’s staff elevator in London, an intimate reminder of brand patriarch Guccio Gucci’s inspirational beginnings.

Subtle nods to Gucci’s heritage peppered the collection – shimmering crystal-embroidered dresses reminiscent of 50s era Gucci clutches, and Marina Chain jewelry, echoed as exquisite gold statement necklaces and chain slingback pumps. The iconic red-and-green Gucci stripes subtly graced the back slits of coats and skirts, a whisper of the past.

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