Head & Shoulders Bare: Revolutionizing dandruff care with minimalist formulation

Head & Shoulders Bare: Revolutionizing dandruff care with minimalist formulation

May 7, 2023

Head & Shoulders has recently introduced a groundbreaking product called “Bare“, which aims to redefine dandruff care by utilizing minimalism in its formulation.

In response to growing consumer demand for simplified formulas without compromising effectiveness, Head & Shoulders Bare boasts just nine carefully selected ingredients, all prominently displayed on the bottle’s front label. This innovative approach reflects a new era of minimalism in hair care, empowering consumers by putting them in control of their hair health.

Head & Shoulders’ Vice President of North America hair care portfolio, John Brownlee, highlights the importance of minimalism in hair care, stating that, “using just nine ingredients eliminates one of the biggest barriers as to why people don’t use a medicine to solve a problem they have – they don’t want more chemicals in their hair“. Head & Shoulders Bare is priced at $9.97and has launched at Walmart, with plans to expand to other retailers in the coming months.

Head & Shoulders Bare: Revolutionizing dandruff care with minimalist formulation

To create the ideal formula for Bare, Head & Shoulders tested more than 100 iterations before finalizing the shampoo’s composition. Zinc pyrithione serves as the primary dandruff-fighting active, while other ingredients like citric acid, acrylates copolymer, and polyquaternium-10 work together to promote healthy hair. Jeni Thomas, Scientific Communications Fellow and Senior Director of Global Hair Care at Head & Shoulders, emphasizes the importance of dandruff prevention, noting that people often use dandruff shampoos reactively rather than proactively. Bare’s launch intends to enhance consumer understanding and commitment to dandruff prevention.

Though sales expectations for Bare have not been disclosed, industry sources estimate that the clinically tested shampoo could achieve $20 million in first-year sales. The minimalist philosophy is also reflected in the product’s packaging. Head & Shoulders has reduced the virgin plastic usage by 45%, resulting in a flexible “ecobottle” that can be rolled up for efficient dispensing.

Brownlee explains that the goal of Head & Shoulders Bare is to normalize scalp care by providing a non-aggressive, chemically gentle solution for dandruff. The brand has also collaborated with Bill Nye, a popular scientist and educator, to debunk common misconceptions about dandruff through social media. Brownlee emphasizes the importance of making education on this topic accessible, engaging, and enjoyable, stating that, “if you can make that education snackable and something of a form of actual cultural currency and prove it’s fun to learn – that’s very effective“.

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