Hermès Fall Winter 2021 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Hermès Fall/Winter 2021 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

January 30, 2021

Directed by Cyril Teste, the Hermès’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection explored the idea of inside-outside, with clothes that forge new links between the interior and the exterior, the intimate and the public – a very relevant trend in the current sanitary context and that we meet this season in many collections.

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On the program, hooded parkas, leather overshirts, sleeveless waistcoats, quilted T-shirts, striped sweater vests and fleecy jackets with a sporty flair. Pants were also part of this effortless spirit, mostly loosely cut with drawstring waists and low crotches.

Voluptuous or compact, materials collided in bold associations that blur the lines between formal and informal.

As for the color palette, it combined neutral tones like olive and taupe with more punchy colors, such as cumin, wisteria, rouge H and frost blue to give a new impetus to classic elegance and effortless style.