Hermès elevates eye make-up & tools with "Le Regard" collection

Hermès elevates eye make-up & tools with “Le Regard” collection

Hermès introduces 'Le Regard', a luxury eye make-up collection. Read about its journey in beauty, the philosophy behind the range, and its standout products.
September 29, 2023

When one thinks of Hermès, luxury, elegance, and timeless sophistication come to mind. This month, the iconic brand takes another bold stride in the beauty realm, unveiling a collection that is bound to redefine eye make-up standards. Introducing “Le Regard“, Hermès‘s latest addition to their expanding beauty line, a range that promises to be as enchanting as the brand’s signature hue.

Hermès’s journey into the beauty world began in 2020 with a lipstick launch. Since then, the brand has consistently introduced new products, from nail polish to blush, and in 2022, the Plein Air complexion-focused range. With the debut of “Le Regard“, Hermès is not just adding another product; they’re making a statement, positioning themselves alongside other luxury beauty giants.

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The mastermind behind this collection is none other than the brand’s beauty creative director, Gregoris Pyrpylis. A Greek make-up artist of repute, Pyrpylis joined the Hermès family last year and has since been instrumental in shaping the brand’s beauty vision. He collaborates with 12 other creative directors responsible for the various métiers, Hermès’ term for its product divisions such as women’s fashion, fragrances, home goods, and the renowned silk scarves. The artistic vision is guided by Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the artistic director, and CEO Axel Dumas, both of whom are relatives and direct descendants of the brand’s originator, Thierry Hermès.

Hermès elevates eye make-up & tools with "Le Regard" collection

The success of Hermès‘s beauty ventures is evident. Record-breaking revenues, with a growth of over 20% in 2022 and the first half of 2023, speak volumes. Pyrpylis’s philosophy is clear: “Our goal is to elevate inner beauty through self-expression and empowerment.” He believes in celebrating individuality, steering clear of the monotony that often plagues make-up trends.

Hermès elevates eye make-up & tools with "Le Regard" collection

Le Regard” is a testament to this philosophy. The collection boasts six eyeshadow palettes, a diverse range of mascaras, and meticulously hand-assembled by an expert French maker. Each eyeshadow palette, with its four distinct shades, resembles a miniature artist’s canvas, blending muted, iridescent, and bold colors in a captivating dance of circles and squares.

Hermès elevates eye make-up & tools with "Le Regard" collection

Pierre Hardy, the creative genius behind Hermès shoes and jewelry, lent his expertise to the design of these palettes. Drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, Hardy’s design is not just visually appealing but also functional. Each palette is refillable and features two square-shaped base shades, complemented by an iridescent hue and what Pyrpylis fondly terms “the surprise color”. Whether it’s a striking cobalt blue or a rich turquoise green, these shades are designed to cater to every woman’s unique style.

Pyrpylis sums it up best: “Every shade can be worn in a very natural way, but there are many women out there who are more audacious.” With “Le Regard“, Hermès invites every woman to embrace her individuality, to experiment, and to express herself with confidence. The world of eye make-up & tools just got a touch more luxurious.

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