H&M Beauty launches its first worldwide flagships in Oslo

H&M Beauty launches its first worldwide flagships in Oslo

April 12, 2023

H&M Beauty is set to revolutionize the beauty retail landscape in Oslo with the launch of its first two flagship beauty stores in the city. With a fresh new approach and an impressive array of beauty brands on offer, H&M Beauty aims to provide a unique and elevated shopping experience for its customers.

New concept stores: The evolution of H&M Beauty

H&M Beauty’s two new flagship stores, set to open on May 4 at Karl Johans gate 14 and May 25 at Oslo City mall, will occupy roughly 3,230 square feet each – twice the size of their current beauty departments. According to Cathrine Wigzell, General Manager of H&M Beauty, “the new concept stores are really like the launch of H&M Beauty“.

An elevated experience with exclusive offerings

Designed to provide an elevated shopping experience, the new stores will feature H&M-branded beauty products, Scandinavian beauty labels, and exclusive brands such as Huda Beauty. With more than 80 external beauty brands stocked, these stores aim to cater to every beauty need of their customers.

Building credibility: The new brand identity

In January, H&M Beauty introduced a new brand identity that will permeate the new retail locations. Wigzell emphasizes the importance of “building the credibility within beauty” and ensuring an “elevated look and feel in everything that we do“. This includes everything from a new logotype to revamped aesthetics.

Inspiration: Cocktail bar and Spa aesthetics

H&M Beauty’s in-house team of designers and architects drew inspiration from cocktail bars and spa environments to create the new concept. The spa-like atmosphere offers tranquility and showcases long-lasting materials such as hammered metals, glass, and light woods. Meanwhile, the cocktail bar-inspired area allows customers to socialize with friends amidst curved tubes, vibrant colors, and mirrored surfaces.

H&M Beauty launches its first worldwide flagships in Oslo

Local art and brand customization

H&M Beauty collaborated with local artist Kristin Romberg to develop exclusive pieces for the Oslo stores. The company is also focusing on the inclusion of local Scandinavian brands such as Emma S, Xlash, Ida Warg, and Glöd to resonate with their customers. Wigzell notes that “local adaptation of brands is important“.

Targeting younger customers and introducing Oh Hey Hero

With 50% of H&M Beauty’s new customers being part of Generation Z, the company is keen on offering brands that appeal to younger audiences. To further cater to this demographic, H&M Beauty is launching its first in-house brand, Oh Hey Hero, or OHH!, on April 20th. This 10-unit body care range offers vegan essentials for the Gen-Z market.

H&M Beauty launches its first worldwide flagships in Oslo

An integrated shopping experience

Upon entering the flagship stores, customers will find an inspiration table showcasing cool products alongside H&M’s latest fashion offerings. This integration of departments aims to provide customers with a seamless experience, allowing them to shop for their entire look in one place.

Sales projections and future expansion

While specific sales projections have not been disclosed, industry sources estimate that each new beauty store could generate between €2.5 million and €3.5 million in yearly sales. Although it is too early to confirm the next locations for H&M Beauty’s new concept stores, Cathrine Wigzell states that “we really believe in this concept and in beauty“.