HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE - Fall-Winter - Paris Fashion Week Men's

HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE Fall/Winter 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Bold brushstrokes dance across HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE's Fall/Winter 2024 collection, infusing art into fashion. Ronan Bouroullec's influence weaves through textured pleats, transforming garments into wearable canvases.
January 20, 2024

In the sunlit halls of the Palais de Tokyo, HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE unveiled a Fall/Winter 2024 collection that was as much art installation as fashion show. This season, the label embarked on a first-of-its-kind creative collaboration with French designer and artist Ronan Bouroullec, resulting in a vibrant tapestry of garments woven from brushstrokes and pleats.

Gone were the expected prints and patterns. Instead, Bouroullec’s signature swirls of color and texture found their way directly onto the garments, transforming them into living canvases. The opening look, a crisp white pleated top, became the stage for a mesmerizing dance of orange, brown and green that mimicked the strokes of the artist’s brush.

Asymmetry reigned supreme as sleeves and hems seemed to stretch out in playful defiance, their hues blending together in a delightful symphony. These bursts of color echoed across pants, shirts and even oversized ponchos, culminating in the showstopping “cushion coat” – a pleated marvel that could be folded into a pocket resembling a plush pillow.

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HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE‘s Fall/Winter 2024 collection exuded a deep sense of comfort and wearability. A raspberry jacket layered over a symphony of brown, burgundy and salmon knits flowed effortlessly alongside pleated orange pants. What looked chaotic on paper was in fact a masterclass in harmonious color blocking, each piece complementing the next in a mesmerizing dance.

The collaboration extended beyond the garments themselves, blurring the lines between art, design and fashion. Bouroullec’s vibrant brushstroke drawings adorned the white walls of the venue, mirroring the designs worn by the models as they walked by. It was an immersive experience that invited the audience to enter the artist’s world and truly “be” the art.

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