Isabel Marant Fall-Winter 2023 - Paris Fashion Week

Isabel Marant Fall/Winter 2023 – Paris Fashion Week

March 6, 2023

Isabel Marant is a name synonymous with fashion that not only looks good but makes you feel good too. The designer’s recent runway show at Palais Royale was a testament to this, with a raucous performance by Lulu Van Trapp that had guests not wanting to leave. The collection, which was inspired by “desire and disorder“, was a departure from the brand’s print-heavy boho trend and instead showcased a more sophisticated and refined look.

The Fall/Winter 2023 collection consisted of a range of stylish and wearable pieces, including square-shouldered blazers, oversized parkas, boyish sweaters, ’80s cocoon coats, conical heeled boots, slinky dresses, and a new jean shape. The pieces were designed to be simple yet strong, with graphic cuts, leather, and body-hugging knits that shimmered with metallic thread or crystals.

Desire and disorder were the two themes that Marant was thinking about for this collection. The desire is a nod to the brand’s long-standing commitment to female empowerment, and the pieces in the collection were designed to allow women to express themselves and their physicality. The disorder was represented by the haphazard poppers on a fuzzy mini sweater dress, and the graphic slashes that appeared throughout the collection.

This season, the everyday and the real are being celebrated and elevated, and Marant’s collection underscores how much she’s been doing that for years now. The casting of models of different generations was a smart reminder that when it comes to wearing Isabel Marant, looking good and feeling good are always the same thing. Marant, who founded the business in 1994, said, “We wanted to show the brand is going through different generations“.

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