Prada names Jia Ling as new brand ambassador
Jia Ling. ©Photo: Prada

Prada names Jia Ling as new brand ambassador

Comedian and director Jia Ling becomes Prada's latest brand ambassador, a strategic move for the fashion house that aligns it with a rising star in Chinese cinema.
June 3, 2024

Chinese director, actress and comedian Jia Ling has become Prada‘s latest brand ambassador. This bold choice by Prada strengthens the brand’s ties with the Chinese film industry and is a strategic move for Prada, which has previously collaborated with renowned Chinese director Jia Zhangke on the “Mian” project and provided costumes for a key character in Wang Kar Wai’s hit series “Blossoms Shanghai“.

The campaign visuals, shot by Shanghai-based photographer Wang Ziqian, feature Jia wearing a classic Prada trench coat and carrying the brand’s new Prada Galleria handbag in soft grain leather. The accompanying interview delves into Jia’s creative process and the role fashion plays in her artistic endeavors.

In a statement, Prada praised Jia’s “vigorous artistic expression” and its alignment with the brand’s commitment to “freshness and timelessness.” They also expressed their eagerness for Jia’s “future creations” to bring “new perspectives to Chinese cinematic narratives.”

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Starting as a comedian, Jia rose to national prominence with her captivating performances on the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

In 2021, she made a powerful directorial debut with “Hi, Mom,” a poignant film that paid a heartfelt tribute to her late mother. The box office success was undeniable, with the film grossing a staggering 5.4 billion renminbi ($745.7 million). This achievement vaulted Jia to the top spot as the highest-grossing Chinese female director in history, a record she held for two years before Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” entered the Chinese market.

Jia’s reign at the box office continued in February 2024 with her film “YOLO“, a Chinese adaptation of the Japanese film “100 Yen Love“. In addition to directing the film, Jia starred in it and underwent a dramatic physical transformation, losing over 100 pounds (45 kg). The film resonated with audiences, garnering critical acclaim and an impressive 3.2 billion renminbi ($441.9 million) at the box office.

Prada recognized not only Jia’s box office prowess, but also her artistic spirit. They highlighted her ability to “defy categorization” and remain “focused on creation.” In a statement, Prada emphasized how Jia’s work “contemplates the intricacies of society and life,” reflecting a depth that aligns with the brand’s own image.

Along with actors Li Xian and Tan Jianci, singer Tan Jianci, table tennis player Ma Long, and basketball player Yang Shuyu, Jia rounds out an impressive list of Chinese brand ambassadors for Prada.

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