Jil Sander Men’s Pre-Fall 2023

Jil Sander Men’s Pre-Fall 2023

February 1, 2023

Jil Sander, helmed by the creative direction of Lucie and Luke Meier, continues to challenge fashion norms by blending seemingly contrasting elements. Their collections exhibit a balance between technique and attitude, research and immediacy, and sportswear and elegance.

The silhouette is relaxed and elongated, with flared jackets featuring round shoulders and ample sleeves and lapels, or no lapels at all. Trousers are either long and wide with inverted pleating, or short and paired with high boots. The overcoats showcase a wide range of shapes, constructions, and details, from utilitarian to sartorial.

Innovative details are prevalent throughout the collection, such as a zipper fastening a classic cape in black cashmere, or a substantial coat in shiny papery leather with a high contrasting collar. The menswear and womenswear seamlessly blend, with a soft, round-shouldered dust coat featuring short, ample sleeves and an amber duffle coat with a large hood and contrasting black buttons.

The use of soft and supple materials is prominent, with shirts featuring high, removable or foulard collars and a gradient floral print. Cashmere pullovers have enveloping round shapes or are cropped below the chest, with very long sleeves. The expressive capabilities of knitwear are constantly pushed to new levels of sophistication.

Jil Sander’s new interpretation of the suit subverts traditional uniforms by substituting jackets with tailored wool shirts and shirt-jackets. The brand’s thorough selection and diversity of materials are always at the forefront, with a bold color palette that mixes classic and new shades such as white, butter, ice, pale lilac, green, beige, gray, bright blue, pale and bright yellow, orange, raspberry, cocoa, violet, petrol, and black.

The union of sport and glamour is further emphasized through the use of hand-hammered silver jewelry, matte inflated sneakers, colorful voluminous tote bags and gym bags, and a new enlarged version of the signature Cannolo handbag.

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