Jil Sander Spring Summer 2022 - Milan Fashion Week

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2022 – Milan Fashion Week


Jil Sander designers Lucie and Luke Meier, who welcomed a baby girl in June, invited us to embrace a positive future with their Spring/Summer 2022 collection which was held in a sort of tunnel-like indoor space, long and narrow, that was covered with lilac carpeting and illuminated with a delicate light in the same palette.

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Fashion-wise, that resulted in a multifaceted wardrobe that felt both chic and eclectic with oversized lapelless jackets, elegant silk dresses with the fur-like effect, square jackets paired with soft trousers, and silhouettes in varied fabrics, treatments and details, that focused on textures and knitwear showcasing the brand’s creative invention and artisanal handcraft.

The starkest change in this collection was the color palette. Fall/Winter 2020 – a lifetime ago – was mostly black and white, with a flash of red. Here, they experimented with a range of pink, peach and mint green, and added in some zebra print for good measure.


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