Juun.J Fall/Winter 2021 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Juun.J Fall/Winter 2021 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s


South Korean designer Juun.J, born Jung Wook Jun, went back to his label’s roots in his new Fall/Winter 2021 collection called ‘’Persona’’.

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Oversized shapes, protective layers and references to military and utilitarian wardrobe were making a comeback here, which the designer described as source materials that ‘’build a bark on a person’s body’’ and have come to ‘’encapsulate his persona’’ over the course of his career.

The collection emphasized form over fleeting trend, with pea coats, puffer jackets and parkas that he revisited with his knack for XXL distortions, all paired with balaclavas, skirts and black leather goods.

Mostly in a range of dark tones, preferably black – his favorite color – the pieces however took on some accents, which we saw in the collection film, of blue, brown and gold which sublimated these silhouettes swung between exaggerated 1990s sportiness and 1950s glamour.


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