Juun.J Fall-Winter 2023 Campaign

Juun.J Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign

July 21, 2023

The South Korean brand Juun.J, known for its innovative take on fashion, has adopted the evocative theme ”Broken” for its Fall/Winter 2023 collection. This thematic element isn’t just an abstract concept, but a tangible touchstone for the brand’s sartorial exploration. Going beyond mere fabric and thread, this campaign experiments with the unanticipated allure found in the seemingly decayed and disassembled.

Captured by the keen eye of photographer Hong Janghyun, models Yoon Young Bae and Taemin Park don quintessential Juun.J attire, radiating a contemporary, luxurious punk rock aesthetic. Each garment in the collection feels like a reinvention of everyday materials; military-grade textiles, biker gear, and timeless denim are all deconstructed and reassembled, infusing an unexpected breath of life into old, worn-out items.

The hair and make-up direction, courtesy of the expert hands of Shon and An Sung Hee respectively, complete the campaign’s alluring narrative of decay and revival. The color palette, dominated by earthy hues of black, brown, green, and blue, adds depth to this captivating tale, where each piece, each broken item, becomes a canvas for creative rebirth.

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