Juun.J Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Juun.J Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

June 27, 2023

Imbued with audacious aesthetics and a forward-thinking ethos, the Juun.J Spring/Summer 2024 collection effortlessly transcends the mundane, finding inspiration not just in terrestrial travels but also in the virtual escapades of the metaverse. The collection is a daring blend of innovative textiles, unanticipated proportions and inspirations from the digital universe.

Juun.J, a name synonymous with avant-garde fashion, unapologetically toys with the concept of video game skins – an aesthetic parallel to the real world. By doing so, he brings to life a series of tone-on-tone leather ensembles that teeter intriguingly on the edge of the uncanny valley. Sequined or metallic bodysuits coupled with exaggerated shoulders bestow upon models an almost extraterrestrial elegance, while an oval handbag featuring strategically placed zippers hails from a galaxy not so far away.

Each season, Juun.J embraces a journey of exploration. Be it a voyage to distant stars or an inward journey into the metaverse, his collections always hint at a distinct narrative. This season’s focus on tailoring evokes a sense of formality, a nod towards appealing to a fresh customer base. “Instinct“, Juun.J reveals, is the driving force behind this transition. The past years of softness and slouch are over. The new era is all about elevation, a fact demonstrated by a sparkly dress that screams ‘’party ready’’.

Despite this new direction, the designer’s hallmark ‘urban warrior’ aesthetic remains intact. Padded t-shirts and military-style strap-on vests, coupled with cargo pants boasting pockets galore, keep his signature style alive. The collection plays with contrasts – fanciful fabrics are juxtaposed against utilitarian denim, creating an intriguing visual dialogue.

Juun.J’s unique way of playing with proportions is on full display, with pants so wide they graze the floor and jackets that tie at the waist to exaggerate an hourglass silhouette. The clever use of zippers breathes a second life into jackets, transforming them into vests at will. A black denim ensemble treated with a bleach wash creates a 2D trompe l’oeil effect, replicating the flatness of a digital screen. Meanwhile, models sporting sheer organza parkas and overcoats give off a glitchy glow as they strut down the runway.

True to his style, Juun.J navigates each season with slight modifications, ensuring his aesthetic vision remains consistent yet fresh. The inclusion of the directional pieces in new textiles this season is certainly a welcome and exciting addition.

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