LaQuan Smith Fall-Winter 2024 - New York Fashion Week

LaQuan Smith Fall/Winter 2024 – New York Fashion Week

LaQuan Smith's Fall/Winter 2024 collection redefines daywear with sophisticated, sexy styles inspired by 1980s Wall Street and Studio 54, showcasing growth and an evolved aesthetic for the modern, empowered woman.
February 14, 2024

This season, LaQuan Smith ventures beyond the night, integrating his trademark allure into daywear, demonstrating a refined evolution suitable for the sophisticated woman who commands every room she enters.


At the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District, Cipriani 25 became the stage for Smith’s latest unveil, mere steps from the iconic “Bull of Wall Street” statue. The ambiance was charged with anticipation, guests greeted by caviar and cocktails, setting the tone for an evening where fashion met finance. Notably, the event attracted luminaries such as Busta Rhymes and Babyface, adding star power to the already electric atmosphere. The show’s soundtrack, “For the Love of Money,” underscored Smith’s inspiration from the financial fervor of the 1980s and Studio 54’s legendary glamour.

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LaQuan Smith’s journey into the sartorial essence of 1980s Wall Street manifested in meticulously tailored pinstripes and a fresh take on corporate chic. The collection boasted a series of standout pieces, including a navy pinstripe dress with a daring neckline and a blazer-miniskirt ensemble that redefines professional attire with an edge. These selections not only echoed Smith’s signature sensuality but also showcased his ability to adapt and grow alongside his clientele.

The designer’s exploration of fabric played a pivotal role in this season’s offerings. Liquid-like materials and buttery leather ensembles paraded down the runway, exuding confidence and sophistication. Smith’s creative vision extended to imagining his muse navigating the corporate world by day and retreating to exclusive, underground locales by night, a narrative that resonates with the modern, empowered woman.

Smith’s commentary on financial stability and the evolving shopping habits of his clientele revealed a strategic approach to design and market adaptation. His expansion into daywear reflects a keen understanding of his customer’s aspirations and the realities of fashion’s commercial landscape. With an 80% increase in orders during the pandemic and subsequent adjustments, Smith’s dialogue with buyers underscores the importance of adaptability and customer engagement in sustaining growth.

The collection’s diversity, from sharp tailoring to luxurious fur collaborations, illustrates Smith’s mastery over a broad spectrum of fashion. His menswear, in particular, marked a significant milestone, displaying refined craftsmanship and an astute sense of style. LaQuan Smith’s ambition is clear: to dress the modern woman for every occasion, ensuring she feels unparalleled in confidence and allure.

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©Photo: LaQuan Smith