LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi Spring/Summer 2023 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi Spring/Summer 2023 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s


Louis Gabriel Nouchi is used to pay homage, in each collection of his label LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, to a writer or a book, reflecting his passion for reading. And, this season is no exception.

Inspired by the masterpiece of world literature “Les liaisons dangereuses” by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (1782), the Spring/Summer 2023 collection is like the memory of a quick shot, of love made in a hurry, between two doors, and surprised on the spot of the action. It thus reflects this tension between romanticism and brutality, like an instantaneous freeze-frame of lovers hastily fleeing the scene of their “crime”.

A plush robe coat in tone-on-tone white marble jacquard; a red and black shirt reproducing in trompe l’oeil a hand lifting the corner of a shirt revealing the lower abdomen of a man, associated with a garter belt; a tank top/briefs/red socks combo; a long white coat that looks like a hotel robe; or a very sensual black tank top cut in the style of a woman’s swimsuit, married to perfectly cut tailored pants with a zipper. Extremely sexy and sensual, the naughty side plays its full effect.

Note that all the models are clients of LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi: an actor, a writer, a frame maker, a dancer, a bar owner, and even a merchandising manager.

©LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi

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