Loewe Fall Winter 2021 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Loewe Fall/Winter 2021 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

January 30, 2021

For the Loewe menswear Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Jonathan Anderson offered each of Loewe’s runway show guests ‘’A Show in a Book’’ – a cloth-covered compilation of comics, collages and graphics by writer Joe Brainard, the primary inspiration behind the brand’s new collection. The book explored Brainard’s life as a young poet in New York’s pop art scene through his work, including many poems, paintings, and other essays rarely on display. However, Brainard’s most famous book, his memoir ‘’I Remember’’, was the ultimate inspiration behind Anderson’s work.

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‘’He thought and acted outside of rule books, and there was a lightness and immediacy in his work that I find acutely apt for this very moment’’, Anderson writes in the foreword.

Anderson’s homage to Joe Brainard was reflected in the colorful pop art-inspired prints and jacquards that brighten up clothing and accessories. Here, Brainard’s popcorn doodles fronting black jeans, there his underwear drawing – which he called a self-portrait – slapped on a tote bag and an oversize T-shirt. There was also Pansies dated 1968, a Brainard’s work in watercolor and collage on paper reproduced on an all-over long cardigan and a knit short, on several pairs of sneakers as well as on the accessories.

There were also strong references to subcultures such as grunge stripes, shaggy shearlings from hippies, mohair sweaters and strapped pants from punks, duffle coats from Mods and big trousers from ravers. All done with Loewe’s arty, crafty touches.