Margaret Howell Fall-Winter 2023 - Paris Fashion Week

Margaret Howell Fall/Winter 2023 – Paris Fashion Week

March 10, 2023

For many fashion enthusiasts, attending a designer show is a thrilling experience. However, there’s something even more special about having the designer and their team take you through the collection piece by piece. Margaret Howell, with the help of her design heads Rosamund Ward and Ioannis Cholidis, recently did just that, and the experience was nothing short of fabulous.

What sets Howell apart from other designers is her deep commitment to nuance and evolution. Her whole ethos of fashion is about balancing modernity and tradition in a way that is pragmatic and gender fluid. As a result, she creates clothing that is not only stylish but also versatile and comfortable.

One standout piece in Margaret Howell’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection is her softly unstructured jackets, which have been updated to be longer and looser for women. Paired with one of her voluminous cotton shirts, this jacket can be the perfect way to get into the “Season of the Jacket” without the added bulk of big shoulders.

Kilts, a traditional piece of British clothing that Howell has long worked her magic with, have been reimagined in black for men. This could be a unique twist on black tie attire or paired with one of her roomy hoodies and updated duffel coats for a more casual look.

What’s inspiring about Howell is her ability to stay true to herself and her vision while still evolving over time. She mixes her mainline collection with her sportier MHL line, creating pieces that are both timeless and on-trend. Her use of heritage fabrics and pragmatic gender fluidity adds to the uniqueness of her brand.

In a fashion industry that is constantly rushing towards the next big thing, Howell’s constancy is a welcome salve. Her lesson to young indie designers is that it’s possible to start small with a clear voice and vision and still last the course by staying true to yourself and evolving over time.

As Margaret Howell demonstrates season after season, there is always room to learn something new about her brand. From cozy balaclavas to purple ones knitted by the designer herself, her story is a reminder that fashion is not just about what’s in style today but what can stand the test of time.

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