Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2022 - London Fashion Week

Margaret Howell Spring/Summer 2022 – London Fashion Week


After celebrating 50 years in the business last year, Margaret Howell continues this season to do what she has always excelled in the past half century: basic and timeless fashion where her designs can be described as classic, modern, and sleek.

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I always take the same attitude to designing. The collections are casual, good quality and made for the lives we live today. When I was a teenager in the ’60s, there was this feeling of equality”, said Howell.

Sticking to neutrals and subtle colors, with mostly solid colors and a few patterned garments, this collection of clean lines, durable fabrics and workwear silhouettes was aimed at bridging the post-lockdown gap between stay-at-home clothes, and back-to-work ones. They are perfect for daytime wear at the office or nighttime wear when you’re out for drinks with friends.


©Margaret Howell

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