Max Mara Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign

Max Mara's Fall/Winter 2023 intertwines past and present, echoing Enlightenment elegance whilst embracing modern edge. Iconic attire and bold accessories depict a narrative of a sophisticated explorer, seamlessly traversing through time.
September 29, 2023
Max Mara Fall Winter 2023 Campaign

Max Mara’s Fall/Winter 2023 campaign emerges, not unlike the first whisper of a chill breeze, signalling the onset of autumn. With Ethan James Green masterfully handling the lens, we bear witness to the grace and authority of Imaan Hammam and Karolina Spakowski, two sentinels of elegance cloaked in designs that evoke a melodic dance of tradition and contemporaneity.

A whisper of yesteryears, the collection draws its breath from the illustrious Émilie du Châtelet, an 18th-century luminary who danced in the golden age of Enlightenment. The line echoes the past, weaving in elements from military capes, rich brocades, and oversized teddy coats to turtleneck sweaters and leather bustier belts in neutral shades.

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Yet, within this dalliance with history, Max Mara finds its footing firmly planted in the now. Tonne Goodman’s stylistic orchestration sees chunky combat boots not merely gracing but conquering the present, drawing a stark, unapologetic line.

Accessories, not to be overshadowed, spin their own tale. Leather gloves and duffle bags are not mere appendages but central characters. They weave a narrative of an intrepid soul, a wanderer who is as adept at traversing the globe as they are the intricate labyrinths of their own psyche.

Max Mara Fall Winter 2023 Campaign

Every stitch, every fabric chosen, every adornment applied, is a letter; and together, they script a narrative that is at once a homage to a legacy and a stride into a future where fashion is not just worn but lived. In this collection, Max Mara isn’t just seen. No, it’s experienced, felt, and remembered, an echo of a legacy and the clarion call of a future where elegance and edge do not just meet but dance, intimately entwined.

Hair: Lucas Wilson
Make-up: Mark Carrasquillo

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Max Mara Fall Winter 2023 Campaign
Max Mara Fall Winter 2023 Campaign
Max Mara Fall Winter 2023 Campaign
Max Mara Fall Winter 2023 Campaign