New MoonSwatch, OMEGA and Swatch's Stellar Creation Honors the Harvest Moon

New MoonSwatch, Omega and Swatch’s Stellar Creation honors the Harvest Moon

Await the celestial blend of Swatch and Omega’s MoonSwatch, unveiling with the Harvest Moon. A masterpiece of exclusive Moonshine™ Gold, marking every full moon with stellar craftsmanship and cosmic allure. A collector's gem.
September 28, 2023

With the glimmering allure of the moon illuminating the night sky, a spectacle of celestial beauty dovetails with the artistry of horology. As we eagerly await the late September Harvest Moon of 2023, a mesmerizing dance between the cosmos and craftsmanship unveils the MoonSwatch’s grandeur. A timepiece, where the legacy of Swatch converges with the eminent Omega, narrates a tale of the “Mission to the Moon“. The MoonSwatch, encapsulating the ethereal grace and silent power of the moon phases, is not just a watch but an epitome of the majestic dance between the starlit skies and meticulous horology.

Every supermoon event is a celestial celebration, and in the world of horology, it heralds the resurgence of the iconic MoonSwatch. In the limelight is the Mission to Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch, poised for its grand unveiling, synchronized with the enchanting allure of the Harvest Moon in late September 2023. The timing couldn’t be more poetic. Just as the full moon graces the celestial dome, horology enthusiasts will witness the return of a masterpiece – where luxury meets legacy, and craftsmanship kisses celestial charm.

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Swatch and Omega have seamlessly blended artistry and astronomy, fashioning timepieces that are not just instruments of time but emblems of the cosmic ballet. The Mission to Moonshine Gold remains a gem in the illustrious MoonSwatch collection. It’s a creation where every tick resonates with the silent, yet profound, movement of celestial bodies. Adorned by many, attained by few, each piece is a journey through the cosmos, a dance under the starlit skies, an expedition marking “Mission to the Moon.”

New MoonSwatch, OMEGA and Swatch's Stellar Creation Honors the Harvest Moon

Mark your calendars for September 29. Select Swatch boutiques worldwide are destinations where time and space converge, unveiling the new resplendent Swatch x Omega Mission to Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch, priced at $300 USD. The watch, a testament to impeccable craftsmanship, is a magnet for aficionados and collectors, reminiscent of the euphoria surrounding its predecessors.

In the heart of this majestic timepiece lies Omega’s exclusive Moonshine™ Gold. A golden hue, reminiscent of the serene moonlight piercing through the tranquil dark blue skies. Crafted in 2019, this exclusive yellow gold alloy is the soul of the seconds hand, adorned with a barley grain pattern, a homage to the Harvest Moon. Every full moon weaves magic, and under its spellbinding influence, this exclusive hand is crafted, echoing the celestial rhythm.

New MoonSwatch, OMEGA and Swatch's Stellar Creation Honors the Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon, a phenomenon where the moon is closest to the horizon, bathes the earth in a palette of warm hues. This lunar spectacle, occurring shortly after the autumn equinox, illuminates the night with an eerie yet enchanting glow. It’s a time where the moon, generous in its brilliance, guides farmers through the twilight, aiding the harvest after which it’s named.

Swatch’s alliance with fellow Swatch Group brand Blancpain bore the Bioceramic Fifty Fathoms. Yet, it’s the MoonSwatches that embody a universal appeal, transcending temporal confines and spatial boundaries. The forthcoming Mission to Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch is anticipated to echo the allure of its predecessors, capturing hearts as the Harvest Moon captures gazes.

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