Maybelline New York and Microsoft Teams fuse the future of virtual beauty

Maybelline New York and Microsoft Teams fuse the future of virtual beauty

August 3, 2023

The cosmetic giant Maybelline New York is stepping into a fresh epoch where beauty meets technology, reshaping the daily ritual of getting ready for work. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams, Maybelline is rolling out an array of twelve virtual beauty looks, each painstakingly curated with comprehensive product breakdowns and cutting-edge shade-matching technology.


This marks a revolution in testing out products and styles“, shares Julie Delazyn, Maybelline New York’s global chief of brand communications. She goes on to say that accessibility is a core value for Maybelline and they aspire to provide this extensive array of expressive tools to their users.

The beauty behemoth joined forces with its AI-focused sister entity, ModiFace, and the esteemed Geena Davis Institute, to breathe life into the Maybelline Beauty App. This versatile application enables users to seamlessly switch between the available looks throughout their day on Teams.


Delazyn emphasizes, “We’re not in the business of altering your face, nor altering your look. That’s a key difference for us”. She points out the fact that the modern consumers they cater to aren’t confined to a single place; they occupy diverse spaces, they live, play, and shop across different realms.

More than two years have been invested in developing these twelve virtual beauty looks, now accessible to the expansive user base of Teams, which stands at a staggering 280 million and growing globally.

Maybelline’s journey into the virtual beauty sphere has been progressive and deliberate, collaborating with metaverse avatar platform, Ready Player Me, in 2022 to present consumers with vivid makeup styles, and orchestrating a Web3 digital fashion contest the following December.

With its recent venture with Microsoft Teams, Maybelline is casting its virtual beauty net even further, introducing its innovative virtual beauty endeavor to an even larger demographic.

Delazyn reflects on the brand’s long-standing mission, “We’ve been committed to unlocking self-confidence for over a century, and witnessing its contemporary manifestation in 2023 is exhilarating. But, this is merely the overture to a grand symphony”.

As Maybelline New York threads its way through the fabric of Virtual Beauty, it underscores a radical redefinition of cosmetic experience, blurring the lines between the digital and the physical, creating a hybrid space where beauty is as mutable, personal, and expressive as the individuals who wear it.

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