Molly Goddard Fall Winter 2022 - London Fashion Week

Molly Goddard Fall/Winter 2022 – London Fashion Week

February 23, 2022

Molly Goddard took a punk turn with her first runway event since lockdown.

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This high-energy show was inspired by serendipitous finds at London’s Portobello and Camden markets during the late ’80s and ’90s, and the myriad ways of mixing them up.

Our mum’s best friend when we were younger was very central to the Portobello social scene then and the collection is somewhat based around her”, Goddard said in her show notes. “I would describe her from what I can remember as a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Mick Jones – big bleached blonde hair with a flower in it, red lipstick, a ‘50s dress with an army jacket and trainers”.

Goddard’s penchant for tulle and newly found knack for tailoring was on full display. Playful layering and sleek suiting were focal points throughout the collection while a muted, yet joyful, color palette accented the designer’s thoughtful ready-to-wear.


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