MSGM Fall-Winter 2024 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

MSGM Fall/Winter 2024 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Milan's subway rumbles beneath the city, but above, fashion takes the tracks. The MSGM Fall/Winter 2024 show races through Porta Venezia station, a celebration of urban chic and fleeting moments.
January 14, 2024

Massimo Giorgetti isn’t afraid to push boundaries, and his MSGM Fall/Winter 2024 show was a testament to that. Ditching the usual runway, he took his audience on a stylish underground adventure, transforming Milan’s Porta Venezia metro station into a vibrant fashion platform.

A true Milanese, Giorgetti embraced the 60th anniversary of the city’s metro by weaving the iconic station’s design into the fabric of the collection. The curved handrails, the brainchild of 1960s design maestro Franco Albini, became a recurring motif. They morphed into statement brooches on hoodies, were jacquarded onto sleek black coats and even took centre stage as a playful “IT bag” clutched by a model. It was a clever nod to Albini’s genius, seamlessly blending fashion with the city’s architectural heritage.

But Giorgetti didn’t stop there. He took the subway’s inherent speed not just as a theme, but as a challenge. Partnering with Google, he used the Pixel 8’s AI-powered camera to capture subway trains in motion, transforming them into eye-catching prints that adorned jackets and shirts. This tech-infused collaboration pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion, proving that even the most mundane elements can inspire artistic expression.

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And let’s not forget the art world. Portuguese artist Tiago Alexandre’s bold motorcycle helmet graphics found new life on jacquard jumpers and shirts, adding a touch of edgy rebellion to the collection. It was a vibrant collision of street art and high fashion that perfectly embodied the eclectic spirit of MSGM.

But amidst the playful prints and bold collaborations, there was a subtle shift. This season, Giorgetti’s designs felt a little more mature, a little less exuberant. He acknowledged this evolution, attributing it to the passage of time and the ever-increasing pace of modern life. He reflected on the ephemeral nature of things, the constant bombardment of information and the erosion of emotion in our digital age.

Yet beneath this thoughtful introspection, Giorgetti’s signature playful spirit remained. Sequins, feathers and glitter danced across sweatshirts, briefs and even coats, a reminder to embrace joy and whimsy even in the face of fleeting trends. And who could resist the childlike charm of white socks and ballerina flats, or the fluffy bedroom slippers peeking out from under tailored trousers?

In the end, MSGM’s Fall/Winter 2024 show was a whirlwind ride through Milan’s underground, a celebration of art, technology and the city’s rich design heritage. It was a collection that challenged expectations, embraced the unexpected and reminded us that even in the fast-paced world of fashion, there’s always room for a little fun. As Giorgetti himself mused backstage, “Do we really need to go that fast?” Perhaps not, when the journey itself is so stylish and exhilarating.

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©Photo: MSGM