MSGM Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week Men’s

MSGM Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week Men’s

June 20, 2023

Echoing the multifaceted journeys of MSGM founder, Massimo Giorgetti, the MSGM Spring/Summer 2024 collection reflects an evocative safari theme without becoming a mere travelogue. Here, we unveil the inspirational backstory behind Giorgetti’s exploration into the African savannah and the exploration of self-awareness that has given rise to a truly unique collection, defying convention and expectations.

In a backstage chat, Massimo Giorgetti revealed that the pulsating core of the MSGM Spring/Summer 2024 collection was born from dual expeditions: a literal venture into Tanzania, and a profound spiritual journey into the realm of self-awareness. “I wanted to encapsulate that magical moment of the day when dreams collide with reality”, said Giorgetti, explaining how his early morning safaris were translated into the essence of this collection.

The interplay of physical and metaphorical journeys comes alive in the garments’ earthy hues and prints, reminiscent of the Tanzanian landscapes. But Giorgetti’s adventurous trip was not merely a source for aesthetic inspiration; it also served as a catalyst for a shift in the brand’s fashion philosophy, incorporating more conscious fabric choices, and a deeper emphasis on tailoring.

There’s a growing yearning for quality”, Giorgetti said. This sentiment is reflected in the refined fabric selection of cotton, silk, and cool wool, a notable departure from synthetic materials. This new direction, however, does not sacrifice the trademark MSGM youthful exuberance. Instead, it beautifully merges it with a newfound sophistication as displayed in look 3’s draped shirt and sartorial shorts.

This collection demonstrates a well-balanced fusion of casual and refined tailoring. The oversized blazer jackets and voluminous pleated pants take on a comfortable yet stylish appeal with fresh pastel solids, bold macro daisy patterns, and sand-effect details on lapels and pockets. Notably, a dark cotton suit exudes a primal vibe with its frayed texture, while an eco-leather suit stands as a testament to style, surviving imaginary muddy adventures.

Amidst these stylish compositions, the practicality and utilitarian vibe cannot be overlooked. The inclusion of cargo pants, pocketed overshirts, and boiler suits assert an undercurrent of functionality that blends seamlessly into the elegant offerings.

Lastly, the diverse casting takes center stage as it encapsulates Giorgetti’s inward journey towards self-awareness, opening doors to a broader spectrum of ages. The collection breaks away from conventional model demographics, welcoming the idea of more mature individuals in the MSGM family.

Cementing the collection’s theme of exploration, the show was opened by Axel Hermann, sporting a sleek coat, holding a torch as if ready to embark on a daring exploration mission in the industrial, tunnel-like runway, symbolizing the voyage into the unknown or the anticipation of a new dawn.

The MSGM Spring/Summer 2024 collection thus unravels as a tribute to the daring, adventurous spirit in all of us, ready to embark on a journey of discovery, whether it be a safari into uncharted territories or the brave exploration of our inner selves.

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