New ''Alpine'' design blends Mykita craftsmanship with 032c style

New ”Alpine” design blends Mykita craftsmanship with 032c style

032c x Mykita's ''Alpine'' design fuses fashion and sport in an innovative eyewear line that showcases sleek design and technological craftsmanship.
February 8, 2024

The latest joint venture between Mykita and 032c merges the worlds of fashion and athletics through an innovative eyewear design characterized by its aerodynamic aesthetic. The design, called “Alpine,” will be available in stores by the end of June 2024 and was first unveiled at the 032c Readytowear showcase in Paris in January 2024.

Known worldwide for embracing Berlin’s independent ethos and attracting an international following with their forward-thinking designs, Mykita and 032c have once again combined their talents in this eyewear collaboration, fusing the fashion label’s design ethos with Mykita’s cutting-edge materials and technology.

New ''Alpine'' design blends Mykita craftsmanship with 032c style

Alpine” is the second installment in the Mykita x 032c series, featuring sleek wraparound sunglasses crafted from lightweight stainless steel. Utilizing Mykita’s innovative Lessrim technology, the sunglasses feature nearly invisible rims thanks to the ultra-thin design set into the curved lenses. The unique temple structure mirrors the lower edge of the frame, creating seamless lines that are enhanced by specially shaped side pieces for an aerodynamically optimized silhouette.

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Available in three different color schemes, each version of Alpine offers a unique vibe – the metallic versions in Glossy Gold and Shiny Graphite come with Mirror Flash lenses, while the Black PVD version with black lenses offers a timeless monochromatic look. Each pair includes a special rubber nose pad for added comfort and stability.

At the forefront of eyewear innovation, Mykita is known for its minimalist yet bold designs. With a focus on patented technologies and meticulous craftsmanship, their eyewear is celebrated for its custom-fit quality and durability. Handcrafted in the Mykita House in Berlin, these pieces represent a fusion of artisan skills and high-tech processes, offering a unique means of self-expression to a global clientele.

New ''Alpine'' design blends Mykita craftsmanship with 032c style

Since its inception in 2003 by Moritz Krueger, Mykita has charted a unique course, embracing an independent manufacturing approach, a comprehensive operational ethos, and a commitment to cross-disciplinary collaborations that drive innovation. The brand is dedicated to producing outstanding, enduring products while maintaining transparency about its environmental and social impact.

032c operates at the intersection of media and fashion for today. Founded in 2000 by Jörg Koch, it began as a magazine in Berlin, but has since expanded into fashion, producing ready-to-wear lines and experiences that resonate around the world. 032c’s creations aim to enlighten, challenge and inspire creativity, acting as a catalyst for community engagement and imagination.

Under the creative direction of Maria Koch, 032c Readytowear offers women’s, men’s and unisex collections that are consistently featured in the Paris Fashion Week lineup. The brand delves into the dynamic essence of fashion – both as a creative endeavor and as an industry, as a medium of expression and as a facet of everyday life. The 032c realm is defined by a commitment to freedom, exploration and creativity, where dreams become reality, ambitions are fulfilled and culture is constantly in the making. As it grows, 032c continues to push the boundaries of fashion and culture.

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New ''Alpine'' design blends Mykita craftsmanship with 032c style
New ''Alpine'' design blends Mykita craftsmanship with 032c style
New ''Alpine'' design blends Mykita craftsmanship with 032c style