Nicola Brognano and Blumarine's elegant separation
©Photo: Blumarine

Nicola Brognano and Blumarine’s elegant separation

Nicola Brognano departs Blumarine, ending a chapter of reviving the brand with a modern touch. Their collaboration enriched the fashion world, leaving a lasting legacy of innovation and timeless elegance.
October 19, 2023

As we turn the page on a fascinating chapter of fashion, the partnership between Nicola Brognano and Blumarine gracefully concludes. The company announced on Thursday that the designer is departing by mutual consent. Brognano assumed the role of creative director at the end of 2019, following the acquisition of Blumarine’s parent company, Blufin, by Marco Marchi’s EIH Eccellenze Italiane group.

Marchi, an Italian entrepreneur, had chosen Brognano to rejuvenate the renowned Italian fashion brand, celebrated for its feminine romantic allure. Under Brognano’s leadership, Blumarine embraced a prominent Y2K style, garnering renewed attention, particularly among the younger demographic.

I am satisfied with the work Nicola Brognano carried out so far,” said Marchi, extolling the designer’s ability to seamlessly blend Blumarine’s timeless essence with modern aesthetics. Under Brognano’s aegis, the iconic fashion house experienced a resurgence, appealing not only to its loyal followers but also capturing the hearts of the younger, more dynamic audience.

Brognano emphasized how his tenure as the Creative director of the brand has deeply enriched his professional and creative journey, as well as his personal growth. “Bringing the brand back into the spotlight was a truly unique and exciting opportunity. I thank Marco Marchi for this chance and my team for the extraordinary work achieved together,” he expressed.

Nicola Brognano and Blumarine's elegant separation
Blumarine Fall/Winter 2023 campaign. ©Photo: Blumarine / Petra Collins

Nicola Brognano unveiled his initial collection for Blumarine in the Fall/Winter of 2020, but it was his first runway spectacle in Milan in September 2020 that fully showcased his transformative vision for the brand, with styling by Lotta Volkova.

Initially, the dramatic shift towards an aesthetic reminiscent of early 2000s Paris Hilton left some fashion insiders perplexed. However, it soon became evident that Brognano was ahead of the curve, as the Y2K style wave subsequently engulfed runways and social media trends.

His style, often oscillating between the opulent and the understated, rendered vibrant palettes and eclectic designs into harmonious symphony. Brognano’s affinity for chiffon wrap dresses, vibrant hues, and iconic butterfly and rose symbols, became synonymous with Blumarine’s evolution.

Rather than adhering strictly to seasonal inspirations, Brognano was known for his intuitive visual approach to design. He put significant emphasis on accessories during his time at Blumarine, launching handbag collections that played a crucial role in broadening the brand’s appeal and solidifying his creative imprint.

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In the last year, Blumarine has also collaborated with various brands and retailers to unveil special capsule collections. Partnerships included Heaven by Marc Jacobs, Japanese footwear brand Suicoke, and recently, Italian luxury retailer Modes, marking a period of dynamic and innovative alliances under Nicola Brognano’s direction.

Born in 1990, the Calabrian-born designer earned his fashion design degree from Istituto Marangoni in Milan. He honed his skills at Giambattista Valli in Paris, where he contributed to both ready-to-wear and haute couture collections, and also had a stint at Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda.

Brognano introduced his eponymous brand in 2016 and was also the victor of the “Who Is On Next?” competition, a prestigious event sponsored by AltaRoma and endorsed by Vogue Italia, in the same year. His brand made its first appearance in Milan in September 2017, captivating audiences with its inventive volumes and a youthful, fresh interpretation of femininity. In 2019, the brand expanded to include a menswear line. However, the label was temporarily suspended when Brognano took on the role at Blumarine.

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