Nike G.T. Cut 3 takes basketball to the next level in ZoomX Foam

Nike's G.T. Cut 3 revolutionizes basketball with ZoomX Foam, offering unprecedented speed and agility on the court, now available for all levels, including kids.
November 11, 2023
Nike G.T. Cut 3 takes basketball to the next level in ZoomX Foam
Nike G.T. Cut 3

In the dynamic world of basketball footwear, Nike‘s latest innovation is making waves among enthusiasts and professionals alike. The Nike G.T. Cut 3 is not just another sneaker; it’s a true game changer, introducing the revolutionary ZoomX Foam to a basketball shoe for the first time. This advancement promises to redefine agility and speed on the court, giving players an unparalleled experience.

The introduction of the Nike G.T. Cut 3 marks a significant milestone in sneaker technology. Nike designers embarked on a meticulous journey to adapt ZoomX Foam to the basketball silhouette. Their focus was to balance the foam’s exceptional responsiveness with a crucial low-to-the-ground feel on the court. The result? A design that boasts a lower stack height than its predecessor, the G.T. Cut 2, coupled with a lighter weight for the springy, responsive feel players crave during high-stakes moments on the court.

Stability is paramount as players execute explosive moves. The G.T. Cut 3 addresses this with a lightweight textile upper reinforced with Flywire technology to keep the forefoot securely locked in place. A TPU component around the lateral sidewall further enhances containment, keeping players above the footbed during abrupt stops and quick changes of direction.

Seattle Storm guard Jewell Loyd praises the G.T. Cut 3’s impact on her game: “The G.T. Cut 3 enhances my ability to stop on a dime and gives me that quick first step which has always been a part of my game. I’m not the tallest, but my ability to get to spots quicker than the defense helps me to get my shot off when I want to and allows me to make a play on defense when I need to, helping me elevate my game.”

The outsole features modified herringbone pods, born from pressure mapping insights, to deliver optimal traction where players need it most.

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In a bold move, the Greater Than Series introduces a more affordable model with the G.T. Cut Academy, which embodies similar performance attributes but at a lower price point. It’s designed for versatility, featuring a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot, Renew Foam and a traditional herringbone traction pattern for a variety of court surfaces.

To reach a broader audience, the G.T. Cut 3 will also be available in a children’s size for elementary and pre-school athletes. This expansion underscores Nike’s commitment to supporting young athletes by providing them with a shoe that gives them confidence and security as they maneuver on the court.

The newest additions to the G.T. Cut franchise were officially unveiled on November 6th, 2023 and will be available on and select retailers beginning in Spring 2024.

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