Off-White Fall-Winter 2023 - Paris Fashion Week

Off-White Fall/Winter 2023 – Paris Fashion Week

March 5, 2023

Ibrahim Kamara’s latest Off-White Fall/Winter 2023 collection elevated the fashion industry to new heights. This was his first fully original show for the brand and it was truly remarkable. Kamara, a talented multi-hyphenate, crafted a unique narrative for the house by blending personal and West African influences while keeping the recognizable elements of Off-White intact.

The showcase took place at the Tennis Club de Paris, where guests were transported to a lunar landscape, with a large mirrored orb as its centerpiece. Kamara’s “Lunar Delivery” collection was a continuation of his previous work, but with new elements added. The designer drew inspiration from the red “moondust” and the rich alluvial ochre of unpaved roads in West Africa, which were reflected in various looks throughout the show.

Transportation was a recurrent theme in the collection, including wheel-inspired prints, tire-necked dresses, map-print dresses and shoes, and indicator light shoes that showcased the journey concept. Kamara’s London roots were also evident in the pleated kilts and dresses paired with an Off-White sleeveless bomber jacket dress. The collection also featured beautiful knitwear pieces, gabardine, silver space-inspired suits, and intricately beaded bombers and shorts.

In a season filled with classic 20th-century styles, Off-White’s 21st-century codes set them apart and gave them a significant advantage. Kamara described the collection as “punk, romantic, and sexy” and these three words accurately capture the essence of the show. With this collection, Kamara pushed the limits of fashion and took us on a journey to the moon.