Off-White Spring Summer 2021

Off-White Spring/Summer 2021

February 6, 2021

The American designer Virgil Abloh unveiled his new collection as part of a multi-media and multi-disciplinary display, via an imaginary TV network, called ‘’Imaginary TV’’.

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Replete with the classic lime green on black Arial font that reminded you of the joys of Y2K computer usage, the web page gave you the chance to scroll through different ‘’channels’’ where people are doing ballet, rock climbing, or walking the runway of his latest show.

‘’The idea of ‘Imaginary TV’ stems from a modern poetic vision for, and of, the evermore virtual world. It takes a universal and all-inclusive approach. I want to connect and generate a global network, and bring together creativity while catalyzing a range of emotions’’, Abloh explained.

An international group of performers – including several based in Off-White’s native Milan – showcased their skills in a host of disparate settings, fleshing out the label’s artistic purview beyond mere clothing. Ranging from Nigerien rocker Mdou Moctar to Tai Chi Olympian Liang Biying to a crew of free climbers and Off-White’s in-house artisans, the pool of talent runs deep and wide. The creatives were selected by Off-White founder Virgil Abloh so as to capture ‘’a universal approach to creativity’’, the show notes explained, drawing from tenets of inclusivity and new notions of interaction.

Dubbed ‘’Adam is Eve’’, the collection offered a series of gender-blended garments that is now available to shop online, with other drops coming between February and May.

Abloh had created a gender-blended lineup that remains optimistic and idea-diverse, rife with juxtaposed thoughts and interchangeable elements. Length, volume, color and cut were all fluid.

Virgil’s big idea for the coming summer was pleats: as he dreamed up lots of mega plissé dresses, cocktails and skirts – some cut with halter neck; others cut in half verticals; others worn over pants. In all manner of colors – from sinful red to flesh to pale gray.

For the Off-White guys – samurai plissé skirts and baseball jackets in matching mat gray; red blazers with oversize patch pockets; or jeans with cut-out thigh holes. For art gallery openings – Buddhist monk skirts, vertically zippered.

New collaborations were also highlighted in the Imaginary TV space, such as Off-White x Air Jordan, Off-Active athleticwear, ‘’Out-of-Office’’ sneakers, and the Burrow Bag, a desirable handmade creation with a perforated shoulder strap.