Officine Générale Fall/Winter 2023 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Officine Générale Fall/Winter 2023 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

January 25, 2023

The fashion industry is known for its ever-changing trends and styles, but for Pierre Mahéo, consistency in dress is the key to elegance. As the artistic director of Officine Générale, Mahéo has been practicing this approach for decades and admires those who maintain their own unique style.


Mahéo himself holds a sentimental attachment to clothing, as reflected in his latest collection, ‘’Monochro-Mania’’. This collection is a tribute to the two fundamental colors of every Parisian wardrobe – blue and gray. For Mahéo, it was a crucial opportunity to understand the reasons behind his choices – why he chooses these colors, why he reinterprets them every season, and how continuity brings him joy despite the ever-changing fashion landscape.

‘’Monochro-Mania’’ also pays homage to other designers and artists who have maintained a consistent look such as Serge Gainsbourg, Giorgio Armani and Dries Van Noten. The collection features a minimalistic wool jersey t-shirt layered over another and paired with matte wool trousers that are slightly roomier than the previous season. Mahéo also incorporated iconic references like a military-inspired jacket reminiscent of Al Pacino’s in ‘’Taxi Driver’’, a steel gray velvet jacket reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s and a cape favored by Prince.


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