Officine Générale Spring/Summer 2023 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Officine Générale Spring/Summer 2023 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

July 1, 2022

Ten years of anniversary. And that deserves a celebration worthy of the event. However, no grandiose party for Officine Générale, but the most beautiful gift for Pierre Mahéo will be the planned opening of seven new boutiques around the world by the end of 2022, and this fashion show that took place in the garden of the Hôtel de Soubise (National Archives Museum) in the Marais in Paris.

Ten years have passed and more confidence! This was what we feel in the approach of Pierre Mahéo who allowed himself more freedom in his men’s silhouettes, both in terms of cuts and fabrics or patterns. He transposed the delicate nonchalance of women’s pants to the Officine Générale man, and introduced silk for the first time into his man’s wardrobe.

Silhouettes were of course casual, loose and oozing with comfort, supported by long scarves nonchalantly rolled around the neck and the wearing of white canvas sneakers. The color palette also supported this statement, with chic espresso brown, denim blue, celadon green, pale pink and purple, but also neutral shades like white, black or sand.

As for the women’s collection, it is more present than in the past. The designer also transposed some masculine details into his women’s wardrobe, increasing the femininity of certain cuts tenfold. Trench coats are matched in tone-on-tone with pants while shirts are stretched to the limit and skirts play with tailoring codes.

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