Onitsuka Tiger Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Onitsuka Tiger Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

September 21, 2023

Walking the fine line between coziness and contemporary style can be a monumental task. Yet, Andrea Pompilio masterfully achieves it in his latest collection for the Asics-affiliated brand, Onitsuka Tiger, for Spring/Summer 2024. Not only do these pieces whisper serenity for those leisurely moments, but they scream vivacity for the bustling streets.

Envision garments that promise movement and freedom. The dreamy fluidity of the dresses astounds, reminiscent of the ease with which a seasoned athlete glides across a track. One particular long t-shirt style flaunts an arresting front embellishment. Conversely, a captivating black dress, drenched in elegance, gracefully dances with its elongated sleeves and intriguing ruching. The audacious among us might revel in those sheer pieces or the ones showcasing delicate cutouts, artfully layered over tailored shorts.

While the dresses may be fluid, the collection’s trousers, shorts, and t-shirts generously offer space. This juxtaposition of spaciousness and fluidity reminds one of the vastness of the sky meeting the seamless horizon. The oversized ribbed knits, in their embrace, are akin to a comforting wrap on a chilly evening, warming the soul more than just the body.

Yet, even with such striking attire, it’s hard to ignore the commanding presence of the footwear. Eclipsing even the most spectacular outfits, the shoes firmly plant their flag. The high-top sneakers, with their zesty yellow edges, only scratch the surface of the footwear narrative.

Let’s not forget Pompilio’s velvet platform sandals. Strappy and confidently grounded, they parade in earthy hues – teal, sage, and a deep burnt orange that mimics the setting sun. But if the sandals are the evening, then the tall fabric boots with their robust tractor soles are the deep night. The spectrum of colors, from profound black to vivacious yellow, pays homage to Onitsuka Tiger’s Yellow Collection. A little birdie also links this collection to the brand’s spanking new concept store, recently gracing the streets of Ginza, Tokyo.

To quote a fashion aficionado, “When design meets comfort, it’s not just fashion; it’s a lifestyle.” And Pompilio seems to understand this to perfection. By crafting pieces that feel at home both during relaxed moments and out on dynamic streets, he bridges the chasm between the two worlds.

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©Photo: Onitsuka Tiger