Palomo Spain Fall Winter 2021Palomo Spain Fall Winter 2021

Palomo Spain Fall/Winter 2021

March 23, 2021

Palomo Spain launched ‘’Nuevo Día’’, a new collection the house presents with an audiovisual piece produced by Shine Iberia and broadcasted at Paris Fashion Week digital platform. The introduction of this new chapter in the brand’s path coincided with the 5th anniversary since Alejandro Gómez Palomo, creative director, began his career in the fashion industry.

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For the presentation of Nuevo Día, Palomo looked back to the sixties and seventies, nodding to the genderless movement with a lineup full of quirky period shapes with references to the hippie movement.

With the pacifist movement and the representative elements that made up the essence of the hippie aesthetics, the firm composed a renewed creativity that responds energetically to the current adverse situation and aimed to evoke a deep desire for renewal, to evolve and find a new focus on which to turn our whole being.

Designed to be less theatrical and more wearable than collections past, he worked with fabrics like printed cotton poplin and pastel brocades and with fresh patterns like floral prints and gingham checks, giving the lineup a fresher touch.

Palomo established an unusual parallel between today’s weariness and dissatisfaction and the response of the younger generations after the Cold War and the Vietnam conflicts, which accelerated a profound change in the attitude and dialogue of young people, who were deeply involved in finding a sustainable way of living by emphasising the goodness of life.


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