Paul Smith’s signature stripes meet The Rolling Stones’ new album

Paul Smith unveiled a limited-edition collection inspired by The Rolling Stones’ new album, ''Hackney Diamonds''. Signature stripes and photoprints merge, showcasing a harmonious blend of iconic music and contemporary, sustainable fashion.
October 22, 2023
Paul Smith's signature stripes meet The Rolling Stones’ new album

Iconic designer Paul Smith reconnects with his early roots, reminiscent of days where his designs graced the lively atmosphere of pubs and student unions. He has beautifully intertwined his art with music. This fusion is epitomized in the recent unveiling of his limited-edition t-shirts and vinyl designs that celebrates ”Hackney Diamonds”, the latest musical offering from The Rolling Stones.

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‘Hackney Diamonds’ is a phenomenal album with a fearless spirit. For this launch, I wanted to create something that stayed true to the vision that the band set out – with a few subtle Paul Smith twists,” shared Smith.

The visual artistry in Paul Smith’s new collection is unmistakable. One design features the iconic The Rolling Stones’ tongue enveloped in Smith’s renowned signature stripes pattern. Another is a photoprint rendering of smashed glass, alluding to the edgy and raw energy encapsulated in the album’s title, ”Hackney Diamonds”. In the vernacular of London‘s East End, “Hackney diamonds” denotes the shattered glass remnants from burglarized windows. While today Hackney is a trendy enclave, it has a history marked by hardship and grit.

Paul Smith, the maestro of photoprints since the 1980s, shares a bond with The Rolling Stones that transcends the ordinary. “I consider it an incredible honour to work with Mick [Jagger], Keith [Richards], and Ronnie [Wood] on this exciting collaboration – as a brand, we’ve always had a close relationship with the music business, and I count The Rolling Stones as one of my all-time musical heroes. As well as being a fan, I’m also lucky enough to be able to call the band friends. It goes without saying that ‘Hackney Diamonds’ is a phenomenal album, with a fearless spirit,” Smith expressed.

Paul Smith's signature stripes meet The Rolling Stones’ new album

Launched on October 20th, sync with the album’s debut, these The Rolling Stones x Paul Smith t-shirts, woven from 100% organic cotton, mirror a narrative of sustainable fashion meeting iconic music. Smith’s touch is not just seen but felt, an intertwining of visual elegance and tactile luxury. A select quantity of vinyl records, signed by Smith, was also available for purchase.

Paul Smith boasts an extensive background in collaborating with musicians. His past projects include contributing to the reissue of David Bowie’s 1969 album and partnering with graphic designer Tom Hingston on an exhibition and a capsule collection. Hingston is noted for designing album covers for artists such as Bowie, Lady Gaga, and Grace Jones.

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Paul Smith's signature stripes meet The Rolling Stones’ new album
Paul Smith's signature stripes meet The Rolling Stones’ new album