Peter Do Fall Winter 2022 - New York Fashion Week

Peter Do Fall/Winter 2022 – New York Fashion Week

February 22, 2022

After his first show in last September, with the New York skyline as the backdrop, the 2020 LVMH Prize co-winner Peter Do was back with his sophomore appearance at New York Fashion Week.

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Held at Genesis House, a cultural hub and showroom for the Korean luxury electric car brand Genesis, his second physical show revisited essentials and signature silhouettes for the Fall/Winter 2022 season.

This past spring, we claimed our ‘Home’ in New York. Now, it’s time to break ground”, the show’s notes read. “‘Foundation’ lays down the groundwork for the house we intend to build. Focusing on innovation rather than novelty, the collection cements the Peter Do essentials with revisited signature silhouettes from our inaugural collections, updated and refined with the knowledge we’ve learned over the past four years”.

Do’s new collection took all the pieces in his wheelhouse – impeccable tailoring, statement outerwear, suiting – and elevated them to new heights: three- and four-piece suits featuring waistcoats or skirts over pants in a mostly neutral color palette, oversize coats reversible from leather to shearling and wool to padded silk, knitwear and oversized sweaters layered atop crisp shirts. Denim is also a new addition to the Peter Do world, coming in two-tone washes and relaxed cuts slashed at the thigh.

The color palette was simple: limited to blacks, whites, camels, and grays, and the fabrics were luxurious: cashmeres, merino wools, shearlings, silks.


Peter Do Fall Winter 2022 - New York Fashion Week

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