Ports 1961 Spring Summer 2023 - Milan Fashion Week

Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2023 – Milan Fashion Week


“The starting point was very architectural and then it was very simplified… The idea is about taking immediate, symbolic codes – often from menswear – that are often quite two-dimensional and then adding an extra third dimension”, said Karl Templer, Ports 1961‘s creative director. “It’s very pure, very ‘wardrobe,’ and very simple in some ways”.

Templer’s ambition this season was to deliver this season pulled-together and polished garb that exudes confidence and a sense of calm.

The suit, the t-shirt, the dress, the slip dress, the trousers, the cricket jumper, as well as the stripes, pinstripes and checks of traditional dressing become a springboard for experiments in deconstruction. Tailored blazers have dematerialized second layers; trousers are split vertically, with linings and underlayers being constantly revealed. Materials of different weight are mixed in the same item, creating further movement. Tops and dresses liquify in neckerchief hems”, stated the show notes.

©Ports 1961

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