Prada Spring Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Prada Spring/Summer 2024 – Milan Fashion Week

September 21, 2023

Amid the theatricality of slime cascading onto Prada’s peachy-pink mesh steel runway, there lay a message: craft transcends theatrics. For Prada’s Spring/Summer 2024 women’s collection, the renowned fashion house decided to go back to its roots, to emphasize on craft and technique rather than just ideas.

Miuccia Prada, often surrounded by a gaggle of eager reporters, remarked on the shift of focus from mere ideas to actual clothing craftsmanship. Raf Simons, her co-designer, chimed in about how Prada is sometimes seen as not celebrating craft as much as other big names in the industry. This season, they proved otherwise.

Simons was notably enthusiastic about a couple of particular techniques that distinguished this collection. The printed fringe on floral shirts introduced a mesmerizing dimension, making each bloom pulsate with life. The metallic fringe skirts, designed with the precision and artistry of jewelry, promised to be the next big talk of the town. And while many brands attempt to emulate Prada’s iconic styles, this collection seemed to be a step ahead, with its unique blends of the old and new and its emphasis on unmatched craftsmanship.

Financially, Prada has been on a roll, with revenues last year leaping a significant 21% over 2021. Yet, it’s not just the figures that demonstrate its success. The ubiquity of its iconic pointy-toed kitten-heel slingbacks in the front rows and the prevalence of its inspired designs in the market attest to its influential position in the fashion world.

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection provided an amalgamation of the past and present. Silhouettes reminiscent of tailored menswear fused seamlessly with ethereal organza and gazar dresses that seemed to hover rather than walk down the runway. And among these beautiful pieces were nostalgic nods to the brand’s rich history: evening bags adorned with “mythological man” clasps, a design first conceived in 1913 by Miuccia‘s grandfather. He was a man known for his global tastes, blending materials from around the world into unique fashion pieces. This eclectic tradition continues to flourish under the current design duo.

Fabio Zambernardi, having spent three decades at Prada, made a heartwarming appearance alongside the designers. His presence was a testament to the collaborative spirit and relentless dedication that goes behind every piece Prada creates.

Prada’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection serves as a gentle reminder that beneath every fashion statement, there’s a story, a technique, and a set of hands that meticulously bring an idea to life. With this collection, Prada not only solidifies its position in the fashion dialogue but also underscores the importance of craft in a world that’s increasingly leaning toward the superficial. Always a step ahead, Prada remains a beacon of inventiveness, continually tantalizing us with creations that are just beyond our reach, much like their gooey runway spectacle.

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