PRONOUNCE Spring Summer 2022 - London Fashion Week

PRONOUNCE Spring/Summer 2022 – London Fashion Week


Continuing the concept of “Fragment|Porcelain Fragments” starting from the Fall/Winter 2021 season, PRONOUNCE, founded by Yushan Li and Jun Zhou, staged its show at the tranquil garden of Salters Hall in the City of London.

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The duo based their collection on the idea of a circle, “◯|Circle”, trying to interpret this idea through design expressions. In the eyes of the designers, the circle is equality, the whole, acceptance and exploration; circulation, infinity, integration and longing. “◯|Circle” is the universal law of nature for all things. In the emptiness and eternity, it derives internal and external dimensions. It is both expansion and compression.

Thus, all the looks featured circles in creative ways – round bags, round necklines, plus shirts and knitwear with cutouts and colorful polka dots.

This season is an extension from our last collection, which was based on China’s capital of ceramics, Jingdezhen. We played around with this shape for this collection because a circle is a small hole drilled in the restoration of china, and the beginning of how a piece of china is made with the kneading process. It represents eternity and nothingness in a geometric sense at the same time. We think this is a subject that both the East and West can understand and appreciate”, the PRONOUNCE duo said.



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