Rhude Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Rhude Spring/Summer 2024 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s

June 24, 2023

As dawn breaks upon the bustling scene of fashion, Rhude’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection emanates an unexpected aura of serenity amidst a tempestuous backdrop of industry chatter. Rhuigi Villaseñor, the Filipino-American designer and driving force behind the brand, is currently entrenched in a sea of complex tribulations, from his departure from Bally to allegations of financial mismanagement. Yet, in a testament to his indomitable spirit, Villaseñor’s focus remains unwavering – steering his creative ship through choppy waters toward a promising horizon.

Dubbed “A Dream Within A Dream“, Villaseñor’s collection is not just a tribute to his childhood aspirations but a poetic testament to the hard-earned fruits of his labor – his label, Rhude. “I don’t even know what the American dream is anymore”, he confessed, highlighting the collection as a self-realization that his aspirations were indeed a reality, embodied in his beloved brand.

Villaseñor’s Spring/Summer 2024 show portrays a sense of recalibration – a restart, a push forward, a reassertion of his label’s direction. The designer’s vision meanders beyond the conventional boundaries of clothing towards a comprehensive lifestyle brand. This ambition is mirrored in a myriad of offerings including footwear, accessories, handbags, swimwear, and crucially, womenswear. Despite a vision painted in a somewhat muted palette, there’s a notable resonance to his endeavor. The eloquently tailored men’s suits, the enchanting women’s resort-friendly capsule, the lavish fabrics drenched in hues of strawberry red, navy, cream and sky blue, all encapsulate an evocative narrative of aspiration and luxury.

Yet, as Villaseñor treads the line of classic American luxury sportswear, the specter of his predecessors, notably Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, is palpable. His stylistic voice emerges from the subtleties – the sporty varsity stripes adorning tailored trousers, the emblematic “cool” of the Rhude man encapsulated in fun, head-to-toe prints, a striking terry cloth quarter zip for after-pool lounging, and an exquisite leather-trimmed caftan.

Villaseñor’s pursuit of novelty is evident in his conscious decision to forgo logos, a trope that dominates the current market. While the designer’s endeavor for a fresh approach is commendable, it poses a delicate balancing act. As Rhude embarks on this new chapter, there is a risk of over-sanitizing the aesthetic, potentially diluting the brand’s distinctive essence. The very elements that made Rhude resonate with its audience should not be swept aside in the pursuit of novelty.

Amidst the industry chatter and speculation, Villaseñor remains unfazed, resolute in his vision. His retort to the ongoing controversies is a cryptic yet confident Biblical reference, Isaiah 57:17: “no weapons or evil formed against me shall prosper”. As Rhude’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection demonstrates, in the face of adversity, Rhuigi Villaseñor continues to dream, create and strive forward, one luxurious stitch at a time.

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