Sacai Men’s Fall Winter 2021 - Tokyo Fashion Week

Sacai Men’s Fall/Winter 2021 – Tokyo Fashion Week

March 26, 2021

Chitose Abe has been mixing together elements of different garments for years: for her Sacai Fall/Winter 2021 collection, she also set out to combine influences from broader street-culture trends.

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I always mix different items or products, but when I thought about a mix of culture, I didn’t think of punk and hip-hop as entirely separate. For example, I thought of how people might wear punk fashion while listening to hip-hop. It was that kind of culture mix that I started from”, she explained.

Thus, exploring punk and hip hop styles but also graffiti and street art, Abe enlisted her friend Brian Donnelly, alias KAWS, to collaborate with her on the collection. The designer found the common language between two seemingly disparate and opposing street culture worlds, bringing together the world of KAWS to create “wearable art”.

Sacai’s iconic silhouettes were adorned in KAWS artworks, true to their original palette and form (the house’s signature oversized silhouettes and contrasting hybrid apparel structures), adding an exciting burst of colors to any occasion.

There was also a collaboration that united Abe with the sportswear giant Nike for a couple of pairs of what will no doubt be highly in-demand high tops.