Sankuanz Spring-Summer 2023 - Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Sankuanz Spring/Summer 2023 – Paris Fashion Week Men’s


Sankuanz continues the exploration of the endless cycle of life and death from its latest season, with this collection that puts the unique form of traditional Tibetan clothing at the heart of its design.

Chapter Two: Kangrinboqê 2023“, named after the sacred peak of Mount Kailash in Tibet – for Tibetans, Mount Kailash is the home of Demchog and his consort Dorje Phangmo, symbolizing the union of male and female forces – revisits traditional Eastern imagery through Shangguan Zhe’s unique and contemporary lens.

The designer reinterprets the traditional Vajra dance costume, deconstructing it into oversized asymmetrical silhouettes. He combines contemporary and ancient garments to give these folkloric elements a whole new glamour, integrating them with modern fashion.

One look includes very wide pants paired with a cross-necked top, pulled up and belted at the waist to create a play of different proportions. Another combines a black shirt with a long black skirt, with fabric gathered around the waist and hanging on one side. Echoing the Tibetan mountains and plateaus, the palette brings out bright and magnetic colors, such as turquoise, bright orange inspired by Tibetan prayer flags and pangden, or the brown of the Tibetan monks’ robe shade. The graphic prints also reference Tibetan traditions such as the skeleton, a manifestation of the Shmashana lords and the symbol of death, as well as the vajra motif, a ritual object in Tibetan Buddhism, which depicts the entanglement of life and death, revisited in a flamboyant graffiti style.


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