Sarah Akram joins Dior Beauty as skincare expert and ambassador
Sarah Akram. ©Photo: Dior

Sarah Akram joins Dior Beauty as skincare expert and ambassador

Sarah Akram joins Dior Beauty as its new U.S. skincare expert and ambassador, combining holistic care with luxury to revolutionize skin health and awareness.
March 4, 2024

Dior Beauty welcomes Sarah Akram, a renowned aesthetician based in Washington, D.C., as its new skincare expert and ambassador for the U.S. market. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way we perceive skin care, combining Akram’s holistic approach with Dior‘s innovative products.

Not just any aesthetician, Sarah Akram brings a wealth of experience to the table, having performed over 50,000 facials throughout her career. Initially focused on medical aesthetics, Akram’s curiosity led her to explore gentler, more natural methods of skin care. This shift aligns perfectly with the ethos of Dior Beauty, which also embraces a less-is-more philosophy.

My whole approach to skin care is that I believe in an all-natural approach. That’s always been my philosophy,” said Akram, emphasizing the synergy between her methods and those of Dior. This shared philosophy is the foundation of their partnership, which aims to create a new standard in luxury skin care experiences.

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Akram’s role at Dior Beauty is multi-faceted. She will be instrumental in developing spa protocols, spearheading spa activations and bringing Dior treatments to the U.S. on a permanent basis for the first time. Her own spa in Alexandria, Virginia will be a showcase for Dior’s exceptional skincare and will incorporate these treatments into its services.

This appointment comes at a time when Dior Beauty is experiencing tremendous growth in both fragrance and makeup. The brand has achieved significant success with products such as the men’s fragrance Sauvage and the viral Lip Glow Oil. Now, with Akram’s expertise, Dior is poised to take its skincare line to new heights.

Akram expressed her enthusiasm for Dior’s skin care products, describing them as “the best-kept secret” in the U.S. market. She emphasized the extensive research, science and dedication that goes into Dior’s skin care development and underscored her mission to educate consumers about the advanced, unique qualities of these products.

In her words: “I believe Dior skin care is the best-kept secret; I don’t think the U.S. market fully appreciates or understands how much science, research and development, love and energy has been poured into its development.” Through her collaboration with Dior Beauty, Akram aims to demystify skin care and educate consumers about the profound benefits of Dior products.

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