Sephora and Function of Beauty debut revolutionary hair care line
©Photo: Function of Beauty

Sephora and Function of Beauty debut revolutionary hair care line

August 15, 2023

Step aside haircare enthusiasts, there’s a new beauty duo in town! Sephora has partnered up with the iconic Function of Beauty to unveil a groundbreaking product range – the Function of Beauty Pro line.

Each one of us has our unique beauty rhythm – whether our tresses flow straight, flirt in waves, dance in curls, or exude strength in coily spirals. The Function of Beauty Pro line hears this rhythm. With four distinct shampoo and conditioner mask pairings, each one is fused with their avant-garde bond-building technology tailored to those specific hair types.

And if that wasn’t all, they’ve introduced a game-changer: Nineboosters, called Hair Goal Concentrates. From tackling that pesky frizz, maintaining your color, boosting shine, hydrating, or defining those curls, there’s a booster for it all. All you have to do is mix and match as per your needs.

Marianna Trofimova, the chief marketing officer at Function of Beauty, divulged the inspiration behind integrating the innovative Adaptive f3 Bonding Complex. “We know the Sephora shopper is more Millennial than Gen-Z, and we know they are also people who over-index with salon trips and, on average, have more colored hair, more damaged hair and use more heat styling,” she remarked. Unlike generic products that blanket all hair uniformly, this complex is biotech-powered, intelligently identifying and repairing damaged fibers.

Function of Beauty’s CEO, Alexandra Papazian, shared some insights about the inception of the Pro line. “A lot of brands go multichannel, but fundamentally, they sell the same product across every channel,” she stated. Papazian further explained how the Pro line, available online at Sephora and soon hitting the shelves on August 18th, was meticulously curated with professional stylists to ensure salon-like results for consumers.

As Sephora continues to pioneer by integrating customizable skincare and now hair care solutions, Jennifer Lucchese, VP of merchandising hair care, affirms their commitment. She emphasized, “We’re focused on delivering a differentiated product assortment that caters to the unique needs and preferences of all clients, and customization is one critical and exciting aspect of this. We’ll continue to approach the category in a way that is thoughtful and intentional – including selecting partners that not only deliver on product, but that also have the science and technology to back it up.

With the world of haircare continuously evolving, Sephora and Function of Beauty are indeed setting the stage for a customizable, consumer-driven future.

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