Walmart to welcome Serena Williams' Will Perform line
©Photo: Will Perform

Walmart to welcome Serena Williams’ Will Perform line

May 20, 2023

Leveraging the power of sports and fitness, Serena Williams’ cutting-edge topical performance care brand, Will Perform, is set to transform the wellness scene as it strides into Walmart stores nationwide.

In a strategic move aimed at doubling its market presence, Will Perform is taking a pivotal step from its successful entrance into Target last December, and is now set to unveil its unique product line in 3,000 Walmart physical stores, with a select three stock keeping units, and Walmart’s online platform, including all product skus. In total, nearly 5,000 outlets nationwide will be showcasing this innovative brand.

Hank Mercier, the co-founder and CEO of Will Perform, expressed his excitement at the expansion: “Our mission is to empower everyone to lead active and healthy lives. Partnering with the largest retailer in the United States, Walmart, ensures that our products reach as many consumers as possible. It is an integral part of our growth strategy. Our performance in Walmart is a key determinant of our overall success“.

Responding to consumer feedback, Will Perform has identified three specific skus for its Walmart debut, carefully selecting stores where they predict the most successful outcome. These include the “Will Relieve Lidocaine Pain Relief Roll-On“, and the “Will Relieve Lidocaine Pain Relief Spray“, both priced at $13, along with the “Will Rest Nightly Muscle Recovery Lotion“, which is also priced at $13.

Walmart to welcome Serena Williams' Will Perform line
Will Perform products / ©Photo: Will Perform

Choosing to emphasize performance care rather than pain relief, Will Perform aims to resonate with its core consumer: the active, young female. The unique design and dynamic imagery of Serena Williams, coupled with thoughtfully named products like ‘Soothe‘ and ‘Rest‘, set Will Perform apart from heritage brands in the pain aisle.

As we anticipate a different retail experience in Walmart compared to Target, the key challenge is to ensure that our packaging and our marketing on align with Walmart’s ecosystem, and how they communicate with their shoppers. Our packaging has to work hard to convey our brand ethos and drive purchases“, Mercier clarified.

While the focus now is on the Walmart rollout, Mercier signaled a continued emphasis on retail expansion. “We are purposeful about our growth strategy, but it’s fair to say we aspire to be present in all major retailers in this category eventually“, Mercier shared.

With this promising step into Walmart, Serena Williams’ Will Perform is setting a new benchmark in the topical performance care market.

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