Simone Rocha Fall Winter 2022 - London Fashion Week

Simone Rocha Fall/Winter 2022 – London Fashion Week

February 23, 2022

In a dark, cavernous hall at Lincoln’s Inn with barristers’ offices dating to the 15th century, Simone Rocha invited her audience to watch her Fall/Winter 2022 collection full of contrasts and utterly beautiful.

Dark and light, grounded and ethereal, her collection was drawn on the myth of the children of Lir – boys and girls transformed into swans for 900 years, only to die when they return to human form.

It’s a really old fable that everyone in Ireland knows”, said Rocha. “The children become swans for nine hundred years, across three different lakes. And when they come back to human form, they pass away. I began loosely basing my narrative on that”.

This came through in layering and plays on proportion, as well as more tailoring and androgynous styles without sacrificing any of the poetry.


Simone Rocha Fall Winter 2022 - London Fashion Week

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