Sneaker Culture: Sneaker trends that are turning heads in 2023

February 15, 2023
Sneaker Culture

A Guide to the Hottest Sneaker Trends of 2023

Comfort and style are two of the biggest priorities most people have when it comes to their wardrobes. So naturally, and unsurprisingly, these demands extend to their shoe collections. There is no denying that sneakers make a big statement with any outfit. And whether you choose to stick to the classics or try something big and bold, you can’t go wrong with them.

With each new fashion season comes new trends, and 2023 is set to contain a lot of nostalgia and glances toward the future in a stylish contradiction of design. From New Balance to the always famous Air Force 1s, don’t get caught sleeping on these sneaker trends.

‘It-Girl’ Approved

While the ‘it-girl’ sneakers gear more towards minimalist features in terms of silhouette and color, don’t be mistaken in believing this only refers to classic white. Instead, designers take the classic style and elevate it with features like textured surfaces and small color combinations. So if you are after comfort without compromising fashion, you will feel right at home in this trend.

Creamy base shades with unique color combinations instantly make a statement without becoming overpowering and unbalancing your overall look, giving you the perfect footwear option for day and night, smart and casual.

Sneaker Culture

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Since their rise to popularity decades ago, there isn’t a time when high-tops were not a trending footwear design. Although first worn by athletes, they were quickly adopted into mainstream fashion. And 2023 will not be the year to change that.

While the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star is a timeless classic that continues to dominate the market for both men and women, the new season will see an introduction of chunkier designs and platformed heels. These classic sneakers pair perfectly with everything from jeans to shorts and a flowing summer dress.

Retro Runners

Nostalgia is a massive trend for 2023, dominating most industries with fashion included. Thanks to this blast from the past, retro running shoes are making a popular return to the market after first being made famous in the 1970s.

While various designers and brands are making this trend their own with unique twists on the classic, if you are after the ultimate representation of this popular style, look no further than the Nike Daybreak, first released in 1979.


The world of fashion looks to the future just as much as it seeks inspiration from the past. And the chic camping trend currently making waves through various fashion weeks is allowing for futuristic designs to have their moment.

Prada, Jimmy Choo, and Nike are all designing affordable variations of this style, which can be incorporated into your wardrobe through chunky platforms, technical details like straps and bungee cords, and bright, bold colors in exciting combinations.

Sneaker Culture

Soccer Trainers

While it may feel like soccer trainers find a new wave of support every time the World Cup is held, the truth is this sneaker trend is able to carry its popularity all on its own. Adidas has dominated the world of athleisure for many years, and its classic designs are the best place to start when breaking into this trend.

The renowned Adidas Samba was thrown back into the spotlight after model Bella Hadid was spotted wearing these staples for casual footwear, leading them to become sold out worldwide on multiple occasions.

Chunky Running Shoes

Although the chunky running shoe is a somewhat divisive trend in the fashion world, whether you love it or hate it, they are here to stay. In fact, their popularity continues to grow, with model Hailey Bieber recently signing on to become the face of one of the biggest designers of this style,

While the shoe was first made popular in the 90s as a casual footwear option for international models, these days, they are far easier to purchase and more affordable to the general public. In addition, they pair excellently with long-flowing skirts, baggy jeans, sweatpants, and tailored trousers.

Classic 90s

The 90s were a critical decade in the fashion industry, so it is no surprise that every year sees a trend return to this iconic time. And no sneaker is more iconic than the Nike Air Force 1, arguably one of the most popular shoe designs in history.

2023 will be no different for this closest staple, where the demand for it shows no signs of slowing down. Choose a pair with minimal colors and traditional lines for the most versatility. Once you make the switch, you will find it challenging to return to anything else.


The sneaker industry has, for many years, been heavily influenced by streetwear and style. And while this grip shows no sign of weakening, 2023 will see the comeback of a familiar design that has largely evaded this takeover.

Slip-on sneakers offer the perfect combination of comfort and accessibility with their chic and feminine designs. They are ideal for those wanting a footwear option that pairs perfectly with jeans, dresses, skirts, and shorts and brings back the feelings of nostalgia without the chunky platforms and retro color pallet.