The Row Spring-Summer 2024

The Row Spring/Summer 2024

July 2, 2023

The Row Spring/Summer 2024 collection beckons us to a grand voyage across the Atlantic, from the brazen energy of New York to the cultivated elegance of Paris. A brand firmly rooted in the Big Apple, it explores the romantic allure of the City of Light, blending styles and cultural nuances seamlessly. This exploration of fashion geography is as exciting as it is intriguing, a testament to the fluidity of style and the unity of global fashion perspectives.

The Row’s permanent Parisian residence, an 18th-century hotel particulier tucked away near Place Vendôme, houses not only an expansive showroom but also a full-fledged design studio. It is a space that blends classic Parisian grandeur with a serene aura, where the Spring/Summer 2024 collection comes alive with an enigmatic charm.

Choosing to forgo a traditional show or presentation, The Row invited guests to explore the 80 look collection displayed on mannequins strategically placed around the charming salons, decorated with Parisian design furniture and organic floral arrangements. There was no music, no typical fanfare; only an understated elegance that whispered of a refined Parisian sensibility.

At the heart of this collection is an expanded range of men’s wear. Notice the knee-length, black leather trench that persistently reemerges, the retro-striped leisure shirts, and the tastefully distressed jeans that add a unique element of desirability to the assortment. The tailoring, simultaneously boxy and generous on the female silhouette, becomes streamlined and sharp on the male counterpart, epitomizing the brand’s seamless adaptation of styles.

While Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were physically absent, their spirit pervaded the collection. The laid-back layering, intellectual silhouettes and lived-in aesthetics encapsulated the essence of The Row’s unique appeal, offering a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication.

The Row’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a rich tapestry of colors, interweaving bold primary hues with soft pastels. The array includes an audacious red high-neck dress contrasted with a pastel pink cashmere polo, offering a visual delight to the fashion connoisseur.

Delving into the finer details, the seemingly ordinary reveals its extraordinary allure. An outdoorsy jacket, pine green corduroy shirt, and jeans form an ensemble that strikes an equilibrium between erudite fashion and everyday comfort. Meanwhile, a leather paneled windbreaker reveals a meticulous assembly from the inside, while a suede cape provides the epitome of luxurious comfort.

New iterations of signature bag styles were unapologetically voluminous, symbolizing The Row’s commitment to their unique brand aesthetics.

One might question if The Row is subtly morphing into a Parisian brand. The creative vibe of its Paris studio, coupled with proximity to manufacturers in France and Italy, enriches the brand’s offerings. Although its retail presence in Paris is yet to rival its stores in Los Angeles, New York, and London, The Row has undoubtedly captured a hint of the elusive Parisian “je ne sais quoi”.

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