Thom Browne Fall Winter 2023

Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2023 – New York Fashion Week

February 18, 2023

Thom Browne, who holds the position of Chairman at the CFDA, put on a remarkable show for his latest collection at the Shed during New York Fashion Week. He once again demonstrated why he’s known for his ability to bring stories to life through fashion. The theme was based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince“, which explores the idea that children view the world differently than adults.


The runway was graced by a diverse cast of characters from the book, including the Little Prince, a pilot, and planets symbolizing negative aspects of society. The models flaunted intarsia’d silk dresses, sharp tailoring, and reconstructed suits, with the Little Prince and an angel leading a parade of couples in the finale.

Browne’s show was a celebration of his creative prowess and his talent for bringing imaginative stories to life through fashion. The designer’s lavish bouclé tweeds, signature gray suiting, and unique kilt-like midi-dresses for all genders were the highlights of the show.


In an industry often criticized for its superficiality and irony, Browne’s show was a refreshing change of pace. With its 35-minute duration and heartfelt love story, the designer reminded the audience that fashion is not just about business, but about creativity and imagination.

Through his latest collection, Thom Browne continues to challenge the norms of fashion and gender, stating that he now sees the world as “just one beautiful world“, instead of separate men and women. The Little Prince would be thrilled!

©Thom Browne